Faculty and Staff

Photo: Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake

Administrative Assistant II
(505) 277-9866

Photo: Andreas Hernandez

Andreas Hernandez

W.K. Kellogg Chair/ Director of Sustainability Studies Program

Photo: Melinda Morgan

Melinda Morgan

Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

Photo: Roselynn Padilla

Roselynn Padilla

Student Assistant

Photo: Jessica Rowland, M.S.

Jessica Rowland

Senior Lecturer II

Photo: Marygold Walsh-Dilley

Marygold Walsh-Dilley

Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies

Photo: Benjamin Warner, PhD

Benjamin Warner

Associate Director, Sustainability Studies Program

Affiliated Faculty

Photo: Subhankar Banerjee

Subhankar Banerjee

Affiliated Faculty
Art Art History

Photo: Robert Berrens

Robert Berrens

Affiliated Faculty
Professor of Economics

Photo: Ronda Brulotte

Ronda Brulotte, PhD

Affiliated Faculty
Director, Latin American Studies

Photo: Jessica Carey-Webb, PhD

Jessica Carey-Webb

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Photo: Janie Chermak

Janie Chermak

Affiliated Faculty

Photo: Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook

Affiliated Faculty
Regents' Professor, Biology

Photo: Katya Crawford

Katya Crawford

Affiliated Faculty
Associate Professor + Chair, Landscape Architecture

Photo: Robert DelCampo

Robert DelCampo

Affiliated Faculty
Professor, Anderson School of Management (Orgz. Behavior)

Photo: Jaelyn deMaría

Jaelyn deMaría

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication & Journalism

Photo: Chris Duvall

Chris Duvall

Affiliated Faculty
Professor and Department Chair, Geography & Environmental Studies

Photo: Les Field

Les Field

Affiliated Faculty
Professor, Department of Anthropology

Photo: Miriam Gay-Antaki

Miriam Gay-Antaki

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor Geography & Environmental Studies; Associate Director, R.H. Mallory Center for Community Geography; Member of the National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine Committee to Advise the U.S. Global Change Research Program

Photo: Lisa Gerber

Lisa Gerber

Affiliated Faculty
Principal Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Photo: Moises Gonzales

Moises Gonzales

Affiliated Faculty
Associate Professor, School of Architecture & Planning; Community and Regional Planning

Photo: Jeanette Hart-Mann

Jeanette Hart-Mann

Affiliated Faculty
Director Land Arts of the American West

Photo: Claudia Isaac

Claudia Isaac

Affiliated Faculty
Distinguished Professor, School of Architecture & Planning

Photo: Kathy Isaacson

Kathy Isaacson

Affiliated Faculty
Senior Lecturer III, Communication and Journalism
(505) 604-3540

Photo: Amy Jankowski

Amy Jankowski

Affiliated Faculty
STEM Librarian
(505) 277-1186

Photo: Benjamin Jones, PhD

Benjamin Jones

Affiliated Faculty

Photo: Kathy Kambic

Kathy Kambic

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Photo: Michelle Kells

Michelle Kells

Affiliated Faculty
Associate Professor, Rhetoric & Writing, Department of English
(505) 277-6347

Photo: Tiffany Lee

Tiffany Lee

Affiliated Faculty
Professor, Native American Studies Department

Photo: Yolanda C. Lin

Yolanda C. Lin

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, Geography & Environmental Studies

Photo: Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez

Affiliated Faculty
Professor, Department of Sociology

Photo: Andrea Mammoli

Andrea Mammoli

Affiliated Faculty
Professor and Regents' Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Photo: J. E. Jamal Martin

J. E. Jamal Martin

Affiliated Faculty
Africana Studies

Photo: Manuel Montoya

Manuel Montoya

Affiliated Faculty
Associate Professor, Anderson School of Management; Organizational Studies

Photo: Jami Nunez

Jami Nunez

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Photo: Catherine Page Harris

Catherine Page Harris

Affiliated Faculty
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Art

Photo: John Quale

John Quale

Affiliated Faculty
Professor and Chair of School of Architecture + Planning

Photo: Heidi Honegger Rogers

Heidi Rogers

Affiliated Faculty
Heidi Honegger Rogers HSC Interprofessional Education Director, College of Nursing Student Success Coordinator - APRN and Clinician Educator, Assistant Professor

Photo: Levi Romero

Levi Romero

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor of Chicana/Chicano Studies

Photo: Caroline Scruggs

Caroline Scruggs

Affiliated Faculty
Associate Professor of Environmental Planning

Photo: Asa B. Stone

Asa B. Stone

Affiliated Faculty
Affiliate Faculty at UNM Resilience Institute

Photo: Lani Tsinnajinnie

Lani Tsinnajinnie

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture & Planning; Community and Regional Planning

Photo: Thomas Turner

Thomas Turner

Affiliated Faculty
Professor; Associate Dean for Research in the College of Arts & Science

Photo: Irene Vasquez

Irene Vasquez

Affiliated Faculty
Professor & Department Chair, Chicana/o Studies

Photo: Jingjing Wang

Jingjing Wang

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Photo: Alex Webster

Alex Webster

Affiliated Faculty
Research Assistant Professor

Photo: Liping Yang

Liping Yang

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Department of Computer Science


Photo: Greg Cajete

Greg Cajete

Language, Literacy, Sociocultural LL

Photo: Miguel Gandert

Miguel Gandert

Communication & Journalism

Photo: Terry Horger, B.B.A.

Terry Horger

Program Specialist

Photo: Bruce T. Milne, Ph.D.

Bruce T. Milne

Professor of Biology, Ph.D.