Photo: Andreas Hernandez

Andreas Hernandez

  • W.K. Kellogg Chair/ Director of Sustainability Studies Program


Dr. Hernandez’ research, filmmaking and teaching examines just transitions to sustainability and regeneration. His focus is on social movements and ecovillages in Brazil, Senegal and other global locations - and their construction of agroecological systems and emergent politics and worldviews. His research and interventions also span political ecology, policy, United Nations system, ecologically informed spiritualities and ethics, political economy, and participatory budgeting. 


Selected publications and films:

Soil, Struggle and Justice: Agroecology in the Brazilian Landless Movement (film)

Pathways to Sustainability: Industry, Development, Business, Agriculture, Economy, and Politics

The Emergence of Agroecology as a Political Tool in the Brazilian Landless Movement

Another Worldview Is Possible: Grassroots Social Movements and the ‘Great Work’