Reusable To-Go Box

The Ozzi-Boxes are reusable to-go box containers available in the La Posada Dining Hall. Kasey Lenning worked with UNM Food as their Sustainability Intern assisting them with marketing and guiding to help others understand the program.

Photo: Reusable To-Go Box

Kasey's capstone project has been working on implementing Reusable To-Go Box containers, Ozzi-Boxes, in new locations on campus. She has been working on this project as the Sustainability Intern with UNM Food here on campus. When she joined the UNM Food team, there was already a foundation of the Ozzi-Box system as it is available in La Posada Dining hall to UNM Meal Plan holders. Additionally, there was previous discussions with restaurants in the SUB to get them on board. Lenning's main job had been to tweak the marketing flyers and guides to help others understand the program as well as gather information through survey responses to see if students and community members would be interested in participating in the program. Although she will be graduating, the program should be up and running with Mandalay Express during the Fall 2023 semester and hopefully more restaurants will join on.