Amy Jankowski is a STEM librarian with the UNM University Libraries. Through this role, she is a liaison to students, staff, and faculty in the departments of Biology, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Geography & Environmental Studies, and the Sustainability Studies Program. Amyaims to help make library resources and services accessible to the UNM community and is happy to serve as a welcoming presence and personal contact for anyone studying or working in her liaison areas. She provides one-on-one research consultations and support, provides information literacy instruction for UNM courses, assists with data management planning consultations, and manages library collection resources in her subject areas. Amy is excited to work with students, faculty, and the community to support information needs, enhance learning, and advance scholarship. Her scholarly interests include information literacy in STEM, how students evaluate information, creative library collection management, and the library professional membership landscape. She is also interested in the intersections between the sciences, special collections, and archives.

Before coming to UNM, Amy worked as the Associate Director of Library Services for San Diego Zoo Global, where she supported the research and daily information needs of scientists, zookeepers, horticulturalists, veterinarians, educators, and affiliated students. In addition to reinforcing her fascination with plants and animals, Amy’s work with San Diego Zoo Global strengthened her personal passion and curiosity for ecology, conservation biology, and sustainable practices.