Photo: J. E. Jamal Martin

J. E. Jamal Martin

  • Africana Studies


J.E. Jamal Martín, born in Norfolk in 1954, educated at the New School for Social Research, completed his undergraduate degree at Hawaii Pacific College and graduate degree at the University of Hawaii’i at Manoa with postgraduate work at the University of Michigan. He has conducted interdisciplinary research, taught and practiced in local, national and global settings in nursing, medicine and international health. He joined the faculty of the University of New Mexico in 2010 and received his PhD from that institution in 2002. His readings in the ‘black experience’ started in 1968 at the Schomburg Collection in Harlem, NYC and more extensively with postdoctoral area studies in the Africa and Middle East Reading Rooms at the U.S. Library of Congress. Alongside his complex problem solving (interdisciplinary) research and teaching interests lies African-Iberian historiography, the Moors, the ancient manuscripts of fabled Timbuktu, the study of Islam in Africa and the Americas, and Africa in antiquity.