Photo: Catherine Page Harris

Catherine Page Harris

  • Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Art


Catherine Page Harris, Associate Professor, teaches Art & Ecology and Landscape Architecture at the University of New Mexico in a split position with the College of Fine Arts and the School of Architecture and Planning. She received her BA from Harvard University, 1988, MLA from UC Berkeley, 1997, and MFA from Stanford University, 2005. Harris works in art/design, and digital/analog expressions. Her built work resides at The Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, NM, Marble House Project, Dorset, VT, Deep Springs College, White Mountains, CA, McCovey Field, SF, CA and The Violin Shop in Albuquerque, NM, among other sites. Recent projects include the sharing shelves, a creative placemaking project, the Red Water Pond Road Community Peace Center,  an NEA ArtWorks funded project to create a space to memorialize the impacts of legacy mining on indigenous land,  and sharing a drink, using video to create 3D drinking forms based on how animals drink water from trail cameras. Trans-species Repast–sharing meals with animals throughout northern Denmark and Vermont, USA is an exploration of hierarchy, resources and landscape. Trans-species Repast was recently shown at the UNM Art Museum(2016), the Land Shape Festival (2015) in Hanstholm, DK, Marble House Project, Dorset, VT(2015) and the Wignall Museum, CA, (2014). Current research includes exploring indigenous landscape architecture, pursuing vertical definitions of urban wilderness in densifying cities, and posthuman places in the urban fabric. Pedagogical foci include indigeneity, video in landscape architecture, designing for climate change and introducing design skills into art practice.