Photo: Kathy Isaacson

Kathy Isaacson

  • Senior Lecturer III, Communication and Journalism

/ (505) 604-3540


Dr. Kathy Isaacson is on the faculty in the department of Communication & Journalism.  She teaches general communication courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Communication Theories, and Mediation. She teaches environmental communication courses such as Rhetoric and the Environment as well as Food Communication. Her research interests address the construction and management of human difference, illuminating patterns of communication choices and their impact on our worlds. Using the Communication Perspective, her motto is that “people support what they create,” knowing that involvement leads to commitment. Her research and practice influences are from social construction, systemic thinking, 2nd order change, and CMM. Current research focuses include: public dialogue, nature as stakeholder, deep listening, food communication, and the world of difference orientation. Dr. Isaacson has been a consultant for more than 25 years in addition to teaching at UNM, focusing on innovations in communication that enable the creation of better social worlds. Dr. Isaacson has been on the Advisory Board for the Communication and Journalism Department since its inception. At the present, Dr. Isaacson directs the online curriculum for C & J, designing online courses and assisting faculty in teaching and learning online. Dr. Isaacson received her PhD from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, with a focus on social change.