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Climate change and its impact on immigration
October 13, 2021


Beyond global immigration issues including humanitarian crises and political upheaval, climate change is playing an increasingly relevant role in migration patterns in Central America, the effects of …

A Review of Resolutions Passed by ASUNM
October 12, 2018

#CampusSustainabilityMonth Highlights the resolutions passed by ASUNM to bring attention to student solidarity to face the climate crisis

Over the last few semesters, ASUNM passed three resolutions th…


EPA seeks to expand regulations on methane
November 1, 2018



The Environmental Protection Agency released guidance for tightening methane regulations in early November, proposing a series of protections to mitigate the impacts of the oil and natural gas…

Annual Murphy Lecture: Park Williams
November 1, 2018

By evaluating records of wildfire occurrence and size in the western US from 1984 through 2020 (during which time annual burned area increased 300%) patterns point to a tenfold increase in forest fire…