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Riding towards sustainability: Lobo Bike Shop introduces new bike pump with Facilities Management support
August 15, 2023
By securing funding through the Office of Sustainability Green Fund, he was able to collaborate with Facilities Management and the Lobo Bike Shop to install a bike pump out front of the UNM Lobo Bike Shop. This free to all service contributes to both personal convenience and sustainable practices.

Two months without a right to water: historic SCOTUS decision and the Navajo Nation
August 15, 2023
“For the vast majority of us, running water is something we take for granted. While in one way it is great that we don’t have to think about it, in another way, it prevents us from understanding what it must be like for individuals who don’t have this same access,” UNM Water Resources’ Southwest Environmental Finance Center Director Heather Himmelberger said.