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Carbfix’s geodesic dome, where piped CO2 is mixed with water and injected into basalt rock below

How Iceland's Carbfix is harnessing the power of turning CO2 into stone
March 18, 2024
October 30 - In a small geodesic dome in the otherworldly setting of Iceland’s giant Hellisheidi geothermal power plant, Ólafur Teitur Guðnason is demonstrating a novel approach to storing CO2 emissions that is attracting global attention. In the dome, owned by Icelandic startup Carbfix, CO2 piped in from the nearby power plant is being mixed with water drawn up from the ground, and injected into the basalt rock below. In the nine years that the company began injecting the power station’s CO2, 95% was turned into a rock in the subsurface in less than two years, says Guðnason, communications director for Carbfix.