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Where Anteaters and Anacondas Roam, and Ranchers Are Now Rangers
January 16, 2024
The llanos region spans more than 200,000 square miles through Colombia and Venezuela. Hot winds blow over its grassy hills, and scattered forests of Mauritius palms shelter hidden streams and lagoons. For centuries this landscape, shaped by ancient rivers, has been shared by ranchers and cattle, which learned to coexist with jaguars, panthers, anacondas, electric eels and crocodiles.

A Huge Underground Battery Is Coming to a Tiny Utah Town
January 12, 2024
The project is part of an audacious plan to create hydrogen, which produces no carbon dioxide when burned, and store it in caverns until electricity is needed. Outside Delta, a one-stoplight town in the scrublands of central Utah, a giant battery is taking shape underground. Two caverns, each as deep as the Empire State Building is tall, are being created from a geological salt formation, using water to dissolve and remove the salt. When completed next year, the caverns will be able to store a huge amount of energy, but in a form that is vastly different from the chemical batteries found in everything from flashlights to cars.