NMiF discusses nuclear waste storage proposal, reconciling climate change through faith

April 7, 2022

This week on New Mexico in Focus, a look behind the push to make New Mexico a dumping ground for nuclear waste from around the country. Environment reporter Laura Paskus talks with a New Mexico Senator who’s working to keep the private company, Holtec, from bringing their waste here.

Host Gene Grant talks with a roundtable of independent journalists about the challenges they face reporting in vastly different areas of the state. 

Plus, a Professor of Theology shares his outlook on climate change, and how he views it through lens of faith.  

And, a unique story about the Bosque, where an environmental education circus tries to teach us about Albuquerque’s water resources, while bringing awareness to our impact on the environment.

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NMiF Segments
Holtec Nuclear Waste StorageCorrespondent
Laura Paskus

Jeff Steinborn, New Mexico Senator (District 36)

Sustaining Journalism in New Mexico

Gene Grant

Leota Harriman, editor & publisher, The Independent
Peter Rice, editor, Downtown Albuquerque News
Ryan Lowery, president, SPJ Rio Grande

Faith and Climate Change

Laura Paskus

Larry Rasmussen, professor emeritus, Union Theological Seminary

Conservation Carnivale

Laura Paskus

Endion Schichtel, ringleader, Conservation Carnival

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