The Dirt on Soil: A Two Part Online Event Series on Regenerative Farming and Healthy Soil

June 23, 2022 12:00 PM

Healthy soil plays a vital role in the nutrient density of our food, can help prevent agricultural runoff and erosion, and has a direct impact on our changing climate. And yet, by ignoring what’s directly beneath our feet, we can expect to lose all of the world’s topsoil within a single generation and see a needless rise in the accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Join us for a special two-part online event series where we’ll explore why soil health matters, how it’s related to our worsening climate crisis, and what individuals and communities can do to protect it.

During the second event, we'll hear from experts working in this important field on how individuals and communities can regenerate and protect healthy soil locally, nationally, and globally.


Don Smith is a speaker, teacher, and student of regenerative agriculture and regenerative lifestyles. He applies his lifelong knowledge advising Kiss the Ground, teaching and supporting course development for various Kiss the Ground education initiatives, including the Soil Advocate Training course. His talks are engaging, inspiring, and filled with hands-on, viable solutions to the world’s largest problems.


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