Soil Health Innovations Conference: Soil for Water


March 15, 2022 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Online Event

2022 Soil Health Innovations Conference Registration

Soil for Water Is Focus
for Second Conference

Soil health has emerged as a central theme in conversations about the future of American agriculture. Soils have become a focal topic due to new scientific understanding, the application of emerging technologies, and a growing interest among producers and policymakers in improving climate resilience and mitigating emissions.

The 2022 Soil Health Innovations Conference: Soil for Water will bring together producers, industry professionals, educators, and researchers who are at the cutting edge of soil health across the country, including on-farm practices, soil biology, and public policy. Join us for a far-reaching look at the possibilities for sustainable agriculture’s future.

The virtual conference will be held March 15 and 16, 2022 and includes thought-provoking presentations as well as practical technical advice. There will also be ample opportunity to visit our virtual exhibit hall, meet virtually with our sponsors, and network with speakers and other participants.

You can use the form below to reserve your spot. Registration fee is $40.  Members of NCAT's Soil for Water network may attend for free. Visit the Soil for Water website, SOILFORWATER.ORG, for more information and to join the network.

Questions? Visit the conference website:, or contact Sandra Booth at or (406) 494-4572. 

If you are a producer and the registration fee is a barrier to attending, please contact Sandra.

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