DRAWING SESSIONS: Tracing Disappearances: Drawing Imperiled Species

October 23, 2019 5:30 PM
Museum of Southwestern Biology CERIA building, UNM

The Rio Grande region is rich in biodiversity, yet its eco- systems, plants, and animals have been put in peril by human intervention and climate change. Join us for three drawing sessions in the Museum of Southwestern Biology at UNM to draw diverse specimens from the museum’s vast research collection. Learn about the biology of the region by observing taxidermy of birds and mammals, dry mounted plants and insects, reptiles, and amphibians. The Museum of Southwestern Biology has world-class collections, as the 2nd largest mammal collection in the world, and the largest collections in the region for fishes, reptiles and amphibians, birds, and plants. The astounding diversity of form and function that is found within the cabinets and jars of the museum is a seldom tapped resource for artistic inspiration and learning regarding the remarkable aesthetics of natural history. During each session, there is a short tour of the division’s collection guided by a monitor, followed by time to draw from a selection of specimens. Session I: Birds & Mammals • Session II: Plants & Insects • Session III: Fishes, Reptiles, & Amphibians

LOCATION: Museum of Southwestern Biology
CERIA building, UNM
Fee: 3 sessions: $50 / 1 session: $25 (10% discount for Harwood & 516 ARTS members)
505-242-6367 • harwoodartcenter.org
Venue Info: msb.unm.edu