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La Posada introduces to-go boxes

August 26, 2018 - Madison Spratto

It’s sustainable, it’s to-go and it’s thanks to one student.

La Posada’s newest program, LaPo To-Go, gives students the ability to take their favorite dining hall food anywhere they please, using reusable containers. 

Coleen Geraghty, a civil engineering major and sustainability minor, came up with the idea for reusable to-go boxes in the La Posada dining hall last spring during her time as a sustainability intern for UNM Food.

Geraghty saw the amount of one-use food containers around campus as an opportunity to reduce plastic waste, as well as a push to change the culture of UNM in a more sustainable direction, which she says is her goal. 

The Director of Marketing and Guest Experience for UNM Food, Thea Evans, said a to-go option from the dining hall has been a common request from student-focus groups — that’s where Geraghty comes in. 

The waste that a to-go option would produce was one of the factors that Geraghty said delayed the process, but by researching other options and what universities around the country were doing, she found the company OZZI

According to their website, OZZI is geared toward college and university campus dining halls and aims to reduce the amount of one-use to-go containers.

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