Winter Workshop: Butterflies, Flowers, and Diversity

January 20, 2018 9:00 AM
909 Copper Ave NW

Join Cuatro Puertas for their series of winter intensive workshops on agriculture. Get ready for spring! Attend one or all intensives to connect soil, species, seeds, and sustenance in our gardens, farms, and kitchens. Each intensive will have field specialists, hands-on learning activities, and culinary practices as we explore planting from soil to seed to the table and our health. Intensives are free. Donations welcome.

Part l: Butterflies, Flowers, and Diversity is scheduled for 9:00am to noon, and will include a hands-on workshop on how butterflies interact with plants. The workshop will also cover botany basics to help you decide what to plant, and tips on how to plant, shop, and eat to support all species.

More info available on Facebook.