Sustainable Buildings on UNM Campus

With sustainability as one of its Core Values, UNM is doing its part to "green" the campus. The State of New Mexico has mandated that any new building on the state’s university campuses must meet or exceed the U.S. Green Building Council‘s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver level certification. See below to learn more about LEED-certified buildings and alternative energy on campus.

College of Education

The UNM College of Education Building is New Mexico's first publicly funded LEED Platinum certified building!

Castetter Hall South Addition

The Castetter Hall South addition is certified LEED Gold.

Mitchell Hall Renovation

The Mitchell Hall Renovation is currently certified as LEED Silver, and is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Reibsomer Hall (Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology Renovation)

The Reibsomer Hall renovation is a LEED Gold project that removated and modernized portions of the building.

Science and Math Learning Center

The Science and Math Learning Center is certified LEED Gold.

Mechanical Engineering Solar Thermal Array

The Mechanical Engineering Building has a roof-top solar system that includes 84 flat plate collectors from the 1970s, plus 40 state-of-the art vacuum tube collectors that are used to heat and cool the building.

Yale Parking Structure

The Yale Parking Structure has 819 solar photovoltaic panels on its roof that power the electricity needs of the parking garage; all excess electricity is fed back into the grid.