Current Student Projects

LOBO Gardens

The objective of Lobo Gardens is to provide UNM students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to educate themselves and their communities about the practices and health benefits of growing one’s food in sustainable ways. Lobo Gardens is envisioned as a learning laboratory project that would be planned, managed, planted, and harvested to benefit organizations who provide food to the state’s families in need. Used as an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional effort, Lobo Gardens will eventually involve numerous departments and schools on north and main UNM campus as well as other university partners. The garden may also serve as a learning site for younger school students (K-12) and an opportunity to participate in mentoring and pipeline experiences with university students.

To see pictures of the current garden projects across campus, check out the student-moderated Lobo Gardens blog!

Lobo Gardens has recently formed a partnership with Chartwells Dining Services. As a part of the Extreme Local initiative, La Posada Dining Hall and the Chartwells Mercado (SUB Plaza Level) are now offering food items made with fresh Lobo Gardens produce. Look for the Extreme Local – Made Fresh with Lobo Gardens Produce stickers on special Chartwells Mercado Deli sandwiches. This is food grown by students for students!

Christina Hoberg is the Lobo Gardens Coordinator. If you are interested in being involved in Lobo Gardens, find out more on the Facebook page. Volunteer work days at the various garden sites are planned throughout the semester.

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LOBO Growers' Market

The Lobo Growers' Market was originally developed as a SUST-334 student project and was held for the first time in the Fall of 2007. Students brought numerous growers and value-added producers on campus to promote local farming and small business - and ultimately, to educate campus members about sustainable agriculture and healthy food choices. The market has subsequently been held more than 35 times in conjunction with special events, such as the UNM Sustainability Expo and Parents' Weekend. Currently, the Lobo Growers' Market is organized and managed by students in the SUST-364 Lobo Growers' Market Practicum course.

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Education is Power Campaign

The Education is Power Campaign was launched in December 2010 by students in the SUST-334 class. The program is aimed at reducing electricity use on campus by 10% to free up approximately $600,000 to help mitigate budget cuts that threaten the UNM academic mission. The campus community is encouraged to adopt four key energy-saving habits:

  • Turn off the lights
  • Open the blinds to use natural light
  • Unplug appliances to decrease phantom load
  • Wear a sweater in the winter time to reduce heating costs

SUST-334 students tested the effectiveness of the campaign's message by interviewing various professors and students, putting stickers on light-switch panels reminding people to turn off the lights after leaving a room, and tacking up posters emphasizing energy-saving behaviors. In addition, students created humorous educational videos about cutting energy use on UNM campus. Watch the James Bond and Monopoly Game videos on YouTube!

To learn more, read the following Daily Lobo articles about the Education is Power Campaign:
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Education is Power Campaign