Sustainability Alumni

Photo-Claudia Denton 2016

Claudia Denton earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Design with a minor in Sustainability Studies from UNM in Spring 2014. She moved to Eugene, Oregon to pursue a Leadership in Sustainability graduate program and participate in an AmeriCorps program. She now works as a Contracting Equity Analyst for the City of Eugene to promote social equity in city contracting.

Annie Swift

Annie Swift currently lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where she is pursuing a second undergraduate degree in Tourism at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. She intends to work with Haitian refugees in the local job market. Her experience in the Sustainability Studies program at UNM has served her in surprising ways. The Tourism department at UFMG focuses primarily on urban planning, social justice and environmental conservation. 


Kara Williard

Kara Williard is a graduate of the UNM BLA program where she focused on Sustainable Community Development, with a minor in Sustainability Studies. She currently lives and works at 8,500 feet in the Mora River Valley at Los Vallecitos Ranch, where she raises cattle, sheep, and chickens. 


Kendra Cook

Kendra Crook, "When I look back at my time at the University of New Mexico, the Sustainability Program holds some of my defining moments as a student and as a person. Not only did I feel the immense support from the instructors and my peers, but I was also allowed the freedom to decide what I wanted to do with the education I received in the classroom and beyond. Since graduating from UNM with a major in Film and a minor in Sustainability Studies, I've gone on to co-found a local production company that focuses on using video and photography to tell stories. My purpose in business is to showcase local potential whether that be small businesses, personal endeavors and/or artistic expression. I've also used my fascination of agriculture to delve deeper into the ancient practice of viticulture. If I'm not in the studio or on a shoot, you can find me at one of New Mexico's gems, Gruet Winery, where I find great passion in educating myself and others about the process and art of wine. I plan to continue my education as a Sommelier while building a sustainable media business from the ground up."