The Method

A Pocket Guide: The Method...Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices For Personal and Collective Sustainability

The Method is a compilation of techniques to achieve your most important goals in life. It was inspired by the agendas of our benefactors, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the McCune Charitable Foundation, because of their expressed need to find solutions for poverty and structural racism that hinder the attainment of well-being for millions of people. For example, our home state New Mexico ranks 49 or 50 in the Union on measures of education, well-being, health-outcomes, safety, etc., yet for decades no policy or program attempted by government, religion, business, or education has changed the status quo. Indeed, rankings only tell part of the story by ignoring both how far off a population  is from the mark and how much the potential for change lags behind. In the face of grand challenges we are left with the assumption  that real, lasting change has to come from inside each person, developed within the inter-generational  context of families and communities. Each person has the power to accomplish significant personal goals for well-being and prosperity that, collectively, will lift us all up.

Key components of The Method were introduced to the world by Napoleon Hill, Robin Sharma, and Rhoda Byrne, all of who professed to share their wisdom for the benefit of all. It is with great gratitude to these authors, their teachers, and the sources of all consciousness that this compilation is provided with complete humility and compassion for all who take up the practice. We thank Maggie Seeley, Charey Fox, dozens of Albuquerque Transitions workshop participants, the UNM Happiness and Positive Psychology Initiative, Pily Rodriguez, Michael Chang, Diane Marshall, and Clara Milne for inspiration and feedback during development of The Method. Our hope is that The Method serves you in your quest for fulfillment of your personal desires in concert with all the beings in your ever-expanding circle.