The Nuclear Beast

August 1, 2018 - Humans of New Mexico

My name is Eileen Shaughnessy and I helped found the Nuclear Issue Study Group (NISG). The pronouns that I use for myself, that I prefer, are she/her/they/them, which are gender neutral.

In our group we really try to be intersectional as far as acknowledging that we all have multiple identities that we are made up and that we have a choice in terms of what gender pronouns we are using for ourselves. That’s how we begin our meetings, we go around and we share our pronouns.

The first thing that we do when we travel with my music band or with this group [NISG] is that we acknowledge and we educate ourselves about who’s land we are on, because we know on Turtle Island we are on stolen land. My ancestors are not from this area. My ancestors are predominantly from Ireland and I am very aware of that in doing this work. Nuclearism is a very persistent form of colonialism. It’s very important that we begin with this very intentional act of acknowledging who’s land we are on.

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