University Encourages Fuel Efficient Vehicles on Campus

March 12, 2010

UNM Introduces Fuel Efficient Stickers Program

In keeping with the University of New Mexico’s focus on sustainability, the UNM Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) Department is introducing an initiative encouraging the use of more fuel efficient vehicles on campus.

Located at the Domenici Center, seven parking spaces have been reserved for the exclusive use of M Lot permit holders whose vehicles meet specific fuel efficiency requirements established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Low Emission Fuel Efficient (LEFE) program.

Vehicle suitability is determined using EPA standards, based on factors such as fuel economy and emissions ratings and the environmental impact of manufacture and final disposal of a particular model.

Permit holders who want to see whether their vehicle meets the qualifying standards can visit Green Vehicles In the ‘Look Up Greenest Vehicles’ section, check the ‘SmartWay Elite’ box and select ‘ALL STATES’ from the drop-down menu.

“We are constantly looking at ways in which we can encourage environmental awareness in our daily activities. With this program we hope to draw attention to the proactive way that vehicle users can find out about the actual environmental impact of their particular model,” said PATS Director, Clovis Acosta. “Equally important, the program fits in with the UNM policy of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) green building construction, which is an environmentally-responsible, holistic approach to new constructions on campus”.

Other than the usual M Lot permit fee, there will be no additional cost for successful applicants who will receive an LEFE sticker to be displayed in conjunction with the M Lot permit. The seven initial spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Successful applicants can collect the LEFE stickers at the main PATS office on University and Central.

For more information visit: Parking & Transportation Services or contact Brian Kilburn at

March 12, 2010 02:05 PM