Sustainability Brings Community to UNM

December 14, 2009

Sustainability creates sense of community on campus

Last updated: 12/14/09 12:06am


Sprouting possibilities, growing potential, it is great to see more and more people interested in sustainable practices and sustainable methods here at the University of New Mexico. Various students, faculty, and student groups have worked on creating a garden on campus and it is great to see that there is still an interest growing amongst the student body. There are classes at UNM this spring to support this type of interest, like American Studies 200.003, “Social Movements in America,” which will be broadening its scope and will be looking at issues of campus sustainability, including community gardens. This class is offered through the Research Service Learning Program, which started its first community garden in summer 2006.

Students can also take Sustainability 134, 334, or 434, offered through the Sustainable Studies Program. There are a variety of classes offered at UNM to support the growing interest in community gardens, and hopefully we will continue to cultivate more possibilities for more sustainable practices and opportunities here at the University of New Mexico.

There is also the UNM Health Sciences Center Office for Community Health EAT Program, which is a way students can get involved through volunteering. EAT, which stands for Everyone’s At the Table, is a group of students working with communities to create sustainable solutions for hunger in New Mexico. There are many opportunities to help cultivate momentum to help build a strong sustainable movement through the entire University of New Mexico. It is great to see that people are interested in community gardens, and interested in growing a sense of community through gardens on campus.

Travis McKenzie
UNM student