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2011 and 2012 Foodshed Field Schools

  • Undergraduate UNM students applied for this interdisciplinary summer foodshed field school over the course of two summers - 2011 and 2012. A total of ten (10) students each received a $3,000 stipend and in-state travel allowance during both field schools! The remaining students received in-state travel allowance. In addition, one graduate student was selected from a large group of candidates to receive full support for two years of graduate school.
  • The field school visited a total of 52 major agricultural areas of the state over the course of both Summer Foodshed Field Schools. They included farms, ranches, markets, processing facilities, and community food projects in traditional Hispanic, Native American, and other communities. Ten (10) nights were spent out of town during each field school.

  • Students developed land literacy, direct knowledge of the value chain, and orientation to Hispanic and Native traditions through face-to-face meetings with rural and urban agriculturalists.

  • Mentoring was provided by faculty and off-campus partners.

  • Students conducted original research projects on foodshed related topics.

  • Interdisciplinary opportunities, such as topics courses, seminar series, social events, and student symposia have been made available to participants.                                                                                                           

2011 Student Foodshed Field School Student Projects

2012 Student Foodshed Field School Student Projects

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Students at Santa Cruz Farm, 2011