Adobe Brick workshop

September 15, 2018 8:00 AM
Arroyo Seco, Taos NM

We will cover how to make your own forms, how to figure out the perfect mix, and how to mix using low-tech, off-grid methods.

I have a background in design and architecture and just recall being a student, always trying to seek out hands-on building opportunities. I think it has made me a better designer and vice/versa. This will be a fun day learning a traditional building material that is common knowledge in this area, but rarely do people get to experience making their own brick. I have been doing free demos at the Taos Farmer’s Market just to offer people the experience of touching mud and so they can see how simple and easy it can be. 

The weekend of the workshop falls on the Paseo weekend - an outdoor experiential art show. I figured if people are coming up from Albuquerque for that, they can add this experience as part of their trip! For this reason, I am offering camping on my land as an option for $5.

Cost is $25, there will be lunch provided.

RSVP here.