Traditional & Cultural Agriculture and Flute Making at Jemez Pueblo

Thursday, March 30, 2017 8:00 AM
Jemez Pueblo

Jemez Pueblo flute maker and player Marlon Magdalena will help us create traditional cane flutes and share the important meaning of flutes in the life of Pueblo people.  Marlon says, "I proudly participate in all aspects of Jemez Life; for instance, I speak the Jemez Language, I plant Jemez corn, sing Jemez songs, and dance Jemez Dances. I am proud that I am from a place that still continues our ancient ways of life."

We will also enjoy a day of service with Jemez Pueblo member Roger Fragua on his farm, planting Heritage seeds for the spring and learning about traditional cultural values.  We will be joined by Pueblo community members, Mexican migrant farm worker families and volunteers. Roger has said, “Farming with nature (the root of organic farming) lies at the heart of practices used by native farmers in the Southwest for millennia. Traditional cultural farming can teach us a great deal about how to build a resilient and regenerative agriculture."

The group will gather along the Jemez River for a potluck lunch and "Balloon Release."  In the evening, all are welcome to enjoy a light dinner, Ceremonial Butterfly Dance and music making at Bodhi Manda Zen Center.  Bring your drums and instruments!  Hot springs on site.

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